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Starting an Art Collection

  I encounter people periodically who want to start collecting art but don’t really know how to start.  They comment “I like this, I like that, and oh, I also like that” and their comments of confusion continue . . .  

Quality over quantity.  There isn’t too much more to be said about this.  When you first begin to start small in terms of the number of art pieces in your collection and focus on quality.  

Budgets for art and art collection.   Most all of us have a budget that we have to follow when purchasing art.  Many people believe that good art has to be expensive.  This is absolutely not true.  You may find a piece that is $50.00.  This may be an artist that is just starting out in terms of selling their work or it could be an artist that places more value on their creative process rather than the monetary value of a piece of art.  If you want to purchase a piece of art, do it because you like it and not because of the asking price.  There are less expensive mediums to acquire when you first start out are photography and printmaking.  You might want to consider purchasing original art online. This can many times be less expensive.  It also offers you some convenience.  

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